Writing and Consulting Services

  • Ghostwriting 
  • Manuscript to Finished Book Consulting
  • Ghostwriting Manuscript to Finished Book Consulting
  • Press kit
  • Professional Letters for Executives, and Artists
  • Author/Artist/Professional Bio
  • 1 Hour Phone Consultation

Whether, you have an idea for a book and am seeking someone to write it. Or you possess what you think to be a completed manuscript, and you need a consultant to help you with finding the right editor, graphics designer, publishing platform to turn your manuscript into a finished book. I can assist you! Google Therone Shellman, and you'll see I'm an award winning author of several books, and the CEO of Therone Shellman Media. If you're an established author, and you're seeking to gain some more insight into a particular area of publishing, or marketing. A 1 hr consultation may be the right fit.

  • 1 hr consulting $100
  • Ghostwriting $2,000-$5000 (40,000-65,000 words.) Ghostwriting fee doesn't include Author cost to obtain services of editor, book cover designer, ISBN/barcode, publishing platform cost. Est. $1400-$2000
  • Press kit $250
  • Author Bio $100
  • Professional Letters for Executives, Artists $150
  • Manuscript to Finished Book Consulting $800. Consultant fee doesn't include Author cost to obtain services of editor, book cover designer, ISBN/barcode, publishing platform cost. Est.$1400-$2000
  • Ghostwriting Manuscript to Finished Book Consulting. This service includes the writing of manuscript, editing and formatting services for print/ebook, ISBN for paperback and ebook, book cover design, publishing to Ingramspark platform for print/ebook. ($6,000-$8,000) for 40,000-65,000 word project.)
  • Business Plans start at $2500 and up. A comprehensive plan should be no less than 20-25 pages. There are many elements which make up a business plan. 

Self Publishing a book, unfortunately, isn't a quick get rich scheme. There's a mental, and financial cost. The majority of books published don't sell more than 500 copies. This isn't opinion, but a fact. The positive aspect of self Publishing is that publishing a book affords one with sharing their creativity, knowledge, or expertise. There's great potential to make an initial investment, and consistently earn money yearly. I first published my first novel Love Don't Live Here, almost 20 years ago, and I still sell the title today. Yet, the book doesn't sell itself. In fact none of my titles, just sell themselves. I work very hard at what I do. 

Jerry Gallimore, Eternal Solace is a title where I provided manuscript to Finished Book consultant services for. 

Over the years, I've written book synopsises, author bios, and presskits for many authors. 

It's costly to put a book together that hasn't been done right the first time. I know because, coming into the publishing business I learned from my own mistakes. I first published Live Don't Live Here in 2003 via a vanity press. After not being satisfied with the finished product. I took an 18 month hiatus to study the publishing industry and how to put a book together. In 2005 I released a revised edition of Love Don't Live Here, and in the boroughs of NYC, and Long Island streets was able to sell 5,000 copies. So, I know what I know, from experience.

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