Third Eye Training Institute (Online Courses)

Third Eye Training Institute was established to provide personal and  career development courses:


First course release date : July 5, 2020

Third Eye Awakening Series Program is a set of online learning courses, based around self development, and career development. Third Eye Awakening Series Program 1(based off the book Third Eye Awakening by Therone Shellman) is the first course scheduled to release soon from Third Eye Training Institute.

The Third Eye Awakening Series Program 1 curriculum is composed of 14 sections of text, quizzes, videos, and a bonus section of videos.

Cost associated with course:
Coming July 2020

An online course based upon the book Third Eye Awakening by Therone Shellman designed to assist one with spiritual, mental development, and self-empowerment.

Subscription Fees:

*Basic Edition:

Students pay one time $89 subscription fee to have access to complete Third Eye Awakening Series Program 1 course.

*Discount Plan:

Students pay $50 a month, for a period of two months. This plan is great for those on a budget, but who still would like to enroll in course.

*VIP Edition:

$250 VIP Edition is great for those students who would like to both enroll in course, and also receive 2 (1hr) Facebook messenger sessions with instructor. Students get to have one on one time with instructor. 1 hr Facebook sessions are scheduled for time slots which meet teacher and students availability.

*Corporate Plan

$800 Corporate Plan is the best bet for business, and civic organizations who would like to purchase this course for their employees/or organization members.

Within the United States, instructor Therone Shellman is also available to come in person to administer course. Travel and lodging expenses are separate, and to be paid beforehand. Please contact for available schedule, travel, lodging fees, and arrangements.

*Super Discount Plan

Students enroll in course and pay 3 monthly payments of $40. This is the best bet for tight on a tight budget. But who see the benefit in taking Third Eye Awakening Series Program 1.

To learn more about the book Third Eye Awakening. Go to https://www. amazon. com/author/theroneshellman

This isn't a workshop founded upon religious teaching. Instead it's built upon spiritual and African centered learning. Therone Shellman started his learning as a teen becoming a 5 Percenter (Nation of Gods & Earths.) Greatly influenced by such teachers as Dr. Ben Yosef Jochannan, George G.M. James, Dr. Henrik Clarke, Chancellor Williams, and others who have traced African spirituality, and education as the foundation all religions and sciences were formed from.

Stay tuned, Third Eye Awakening Series Program is coming soon